Back Roads Solutions is pleased to announce the hiring of Bryan Rohrer, who will serve as the Manager of Environmental Services at Back Roads Solutions

Back Roads Solutions is pleased to announce the hiring of Bryan Rohrer, who will serve as the Manager of Environmental Services at Back Roads Solutions.

Prior to joining Back Roads, Rohrer served as an environmental inspector where he was responsible for communicating inspection and remediation related information with project managers and contractors in an effort to keep projects safe, compliant and on schedule.

Having spent a significant amount of time in the field, Rohrer brings first-hand knowledge and experience associated with compliance, permitting, inspection, remediation and environmental processes and procedures.

Rohrer is a certified erosion, sediment and stormwater inspector (CESSWI). This certification ensures that the inspector is proficient in all aspects of erosion and sediment control and stormwater compliance. The certification signifies his training, testing and proficiency in regulations, permitting, enforcement and penalties, safety, communication, documentation, compliance, inspection, planning and best management practices as they relate to local, state and federal regulations. Rohrer holds one of 38 CESSWI certificates in the state of Pennsylvania.

His knowledge and experience with the Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) across several Appalachian states will allow Back Roads Solutions the ability to prioritize a proactive approach to compliance, resolve issues for clients in a timely manner and provide a more streamlined approach from planning to implementation to inspection, in an effort to keep projects on schedule, without notices of violation and their accompanying fines.

“Bryan’s addition to our team is huge in so many ways. Back Roads is consistently looking for ways to not only add services to our offerings, which will provide value to our clients and provide growth, but also intertwine with the services that we already provide. We know that Bryan’s expertise and experience fit in seamlessly with the construction and maintenance services that we already provide, as well as our unmanned aerial vehicle inspections.” said Marc Acree Back Roads Solutions Partner.

Specifically, Rohrer will lead Back Roads Solutions’ efforts in these areas: 

  • Collaborate with our team members to better serve our clients
  • Lead our environmental group to ensure the environmental compliance of clients
  • Train our environmental staff on the use of industry best management practices
  • Work with our construction services group to remediate environmental issues quickly
  • Educate current and prospective clients on environmental capabilities
  • Focus on providing cost effective solutions for clients 
  • The development of strategic relationships
  • Meeting and exceeding client needs and expectations
  • The commitment to a client-centered, professional experience 
  • The focus on long-term company goals 

For more information, or questions related to Back Roads Solutions’ environmental services, Rohrer can be reached at