Back Roads Solutions is pleased to announce the hiring of Hunter Vines, who will serve as the Manager of LiDAR Services at Back Roads Solutions

Back Roads Solutions is pleased to announce the hiring of Hunter Vines, who will serve as the Manager of LiDAR Services at Back Roads Solutions.

Vines comes to Back Roads from LiDARUSA where he served as a training manager and support team lead teaching and training on equipment and software associated with 3D mapping technology for a variety of corporate, academic and government organizations.

Essentially the front man of problem solving and trouble shooting in his previous role, Vines brings a wealth of knowledge having worked through, and ultimately tasked with solving, both software- and hardware-related issues.

His experience with processing LiDAR data using a variety of products will allow Back Roads to further expand its abilities and services across the country. Vines’ addition will strategically optimize Back Roads aerial offerings by adding to the existing strengths of Director of Aerial Dan Hruska.

Back Roads Solutions is committed to a remote working atmosphere, a practice we utilized prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. With Hunter located in Alabama, we are confident that as we continue to see growth, his location in the southeast can provide a strategic proximity to additional opportunities, and his proximity will also allow us to provide a more cost-effective solution to our clients and prospective clients in that area,” said Perry Cunningham, Back Roads Solutions Partner.

In addition to his aerial experience, Vines is well versed in training, planning, leadership and management. 

 “I am confident that Hunter will help further develop this segment of our business, adding additional capabilities – specifically mobile and backpack mounted LiDAR collection. We are excited to watch him and Dan collaborate and work together to offer our clients a high-quality, affordable end product that is beyond their expectations.”

Specifically, Vines will lead Back Roads Solutions’ efforts in these areas: 

  • Collaborate with our team to better serve our clients
  • Direct addition and expansion of LiDAR services, specifically mobile and backpack mounted LiDAR collection
  • Lead the LiDAR processing efforts after LiDAR is collected, ensuring quick turnarounds for our clients
  • Educate current and prospective clients on LiDAR capabilities
  • Focus on providing cost effective solutions for clients 
  • The development of strategic relationships
  • Meeting and exceeding client needs and expectations
  • The commitment to a client-centered, professional experience 
  • The focus on long-term company goals 

For more information, or questions related to Back Roads Solutions’ aerial services, Vines can be reached at